My GC captured at "stone ship"in Lejre.(Wiking age monument)


Oil "can"

Position of oil "can".

Vacuum connection

Fitting of Vacuumhose on intake.

My Cagivas

Hello I´m Jim, I live near Roskilde, Denmark. I bought my GC in 2000, knowing it is a´98 model. I didn´t have registration on it the first year, tax is high in Denmark and I had a Moto Guzzi LM II witch was a little hard to sell. The Cagiva GC has now done around 80.000km. I bought an elefant in ´05 and the story will follow in the bottom!

I made a few modifications on the GC.The first thing I did was to fit a metalring to the end of the trootlegrip, the counterweight at the end of the handlebar was so tight the it wouldn´t go down to idle.

Then I found that the GC has a chain which must be oiled - my old Guzzi was shaft driven, so a scottoiler had to be installed.

I show a few pictures of how I did fit it.

Tube by chain

Fitment at chain wheel.


I changed the tyres after 21 000km and again at 42.000km, the tyres now fitted is Michelin Anakee wich is "all terain" tires. I found out that they are very sentisive to correct pressure, if too low you feel the road stripes pretty much.

The chain was changed just before my trip to Italy in the summer 2004, at that time there was 25 000km on the clock.

Both Cagivas
A winter picture



At the beginning of seson 2005 I wanted to fit LEDlight on the back, the light is from"Louis" in Germany.

Beside that I have fitted hand protectores from an "elefant" (with small modifications they sliped on).

Hand protectors

Tail light
Rearend of bike with LED tail and indicators.

In 2016 the bike refused to start, after checking all sensors and trying with another EFI computer, the problem was still there. The last thing was to change the starter, that worked. The EFI computer do not fire or spray petrol if the engine do not reach 600 rpm.

Left Hand protector

Known problems


Burned plug for regulator.

There is a few things to pay attention to on the Gran Canyon: The connector to the voltage regulator WILL burn sooner or later (see picture to the left) soldering the wires will help
The oil cooler works too well below 15 degrees Celsius (there is no thermostate), so you must think of covering it, or the oil will not get hotter than 85.

As youcan see on the picture to the right the bike may also have other functions - a mause made the filterbox in to a foodchamber.

Maus in airfilter Airfilter w. cherry stones


Special tools

I made a few tools that I will show here.

First of all I made a "centerstand" - some pipes welded to a bracket to fit insteed of the footrests. Now I´m able to remove the rear suspention and acces the rear valve for adjustment.

Homemade stands

Plast dims
I also made a plastic clip for retaining the valve when removing the C-clip for the closeing shim.



To be able to change the sealing on the fuel fittings I have modified a 19mm "pipe wrench". This enables me to unscrew and refit the connector without removing the tank parts, as this is a job that takes quite some time.

Key for quickcouble

When you need to remove the front wheel you have to lift the bike..

The picture explain how I do it.

frontwheel jack-up lifting point Kremly tank
Valve adjustment is a little special on a Ducati motor, the princip is shown on the picture below.

The picture explain how to messure the free play both for open (upper picture) and close (lower picture), where you have to compress the "valve spring".

Valve clearence


Computer adjustment

I bought a PC program for diagnostics (Techno Research). It may detect an error on a sensor, or for adjustment of the TPS, wich is quite expencive at a workshop.

Screendump below show my bike connected.

Screen shoot

plug position
The plug for the computer is located on the right side just bihind the plastic cover.

I bought an Elefant 350 in october ´05. It´s been all broken down to pieces for rebuild and tranformation to motard style.

In the spring of 2006 it almost look like I want it.

Clic here to read more about the project.

My 350 elefant
Motard front 350 elefant


Motard 350 elefant


Beside the Cagivas I used to have a Dnepr K750 with two wheel drive, this bike is now sold but in the summer 2010 it replaced the Jawa 350 with sidecar, wich I used as most people use a car. I get building materials for house and garden, carpets and go to the scrap yard with almost anything. Now I have a 4x4 because my wife need it to move her horse around.

In the summer 2017 I sold the Elefant and replaced it with a Ducati 900 Supersport (also designed by Pierre Terblanche).


My former Dnepr My former Jawa


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