Cagiva Mito125cm3
The Mito was Valentino Rossis first bike. It was introduced in 1989 and restyled in ´93 by Tamburini, looking a little like the Ducati 916, in ´95 it got 3 spoke wheels and 7 speed (Evo l) and later came the Evo ll with 6 speed and 6 spoke rims.
Cagiva Mito125ccm Cagiva Mito125ccm
Model produced: Model 1 ´91-´92, Model 2 ´93-94, EV ´95-  
Type: Race  
Motorsize (bore/stroke): 124,63cm3 (56/50,6mm) Carburettor: Ø28
Number of cylinders: 1 liquidcooled twostroke (vandkølet totakt) Compression:14,5:1
Number of gears: 6 (7gears 1997)  
Power (effekt): 34HK/25kW at 11500rpm.  
Torque (moment): 20,6NM at 10500rpm.  
Dry weight (tørvægt): 129kg  
Seathight (sædehøjde): 775mm  
Weelbase (akselafstand): 1375mm Ground clearance(frihøjde):150mm
Fuel capacity (tankindhold): 14 lit. Consumption (forbrug): 25km/l
Front wheel (forhjul): 110/70-17 (2,75")  
Rear wheel (baghjul): 150/60-17 (4,0")  
Front brake (forbremse): single disc (enkelt skive) 320mm  
Rear brake (bagbremse): single disc (enkelt skive) 220mm  
Top speed (top hastighed): 170km/h  
Accelaration: 7sec.  
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