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Rearsvingarm / bearings.


Frontwheel / pick-up.





My Elefant

I bought my elefant 350 from a member of "Ducati Club Danmark" in september 2005, with the mission to end with a motard elefant 650.

I started with what was a "well used" model from 1985, and for a good price I got a 650 engine in the deal.

When everything was taken apart, I could see all the bushings in the rearend had to be replaced, it ment quite a lot of money on bearings and seals. When it was ordered I started looking for new rims with same axis diameter and a width I could accept. It ended with a pair of Suzuki rims in the sidecar, from GS 500/550 in the width, front 3,0x17" and rear 3,75x17". They were found at "LC racing" in Rønnede. (You must pay attention to that the rear rim is off center when messureing for spaceres).

Then it was time for brake rotors - a motard must have wawerotor at the front, and the diameter of 310mm were selected, to the rear I choosed a 250mm both from italian "Braking", at front it´s 50mm bigger and the rear is 10mm bigger. This gave me some work in both ends, I got a little help at work from a colleague in the CNC department.

For the odometer I had to find a solution as the widther rim did not leave room for the drive, which by the way also needed a changed rotio (it is possible to get a "Veglia" drive for a 17" wheel). I found a electronic "Koso" odometer with pick-up and analog-showing of speed and digital kilometer counter. It is bought at "Louis" in Germany, where I also got the feering and indicators.

I did the pain job myself and the special made stickers are made by Peter Hansen in Søddinge on Fyen.

The cover around the instruments were found in a hobby store it is normaly used as base for felting (dooing fabric) sometimes you must think a little alternativly when building motorbikes.

At the end I must say that the elefant is quite an old bike and getting spares can be a problem - specially rubber parts.

I værkstedet

Motard front 350 elefant


Motard 350 elefant


I just bought a frontfork stabilisator,
that is just like getting a new bike. It dosn´t flex anymore when braking and it´s much more stabil through turns.
I musr recoment that - and it´s made by italian
Paolo Tarozzi (no. 32 0015).

Gaffelbro på elefant



  • Frontwheel: 21"x1,85"
  • Rearwheel: 17"x2,75"
  • Frontbrake: Ø260 mm
  • Rearbrake: Ø240 mm
  • Tankvolumen: 17,5 liter
  • Enginecapacity: 350 ccm
  • Seatheight: 905cm

    Moduified to

  • Frontwheel: 17"x3"
  • Rearwheel: 17"x3,75"
  • Frontbrake: Ø310 mm
  • Rearbrake: Ø250 mm
  • Tankvolumen: 17 liter
  • Enginecapacity: 650 ccm
  • Seatheight: 850cm

  • Jim Nielsen
  • Skovbogade 41
  • DK-4000 Roskilde
  • Rev.: 17/08-09