Rear svingarm

The most seen elefant is on the rearwheel fork.


Air filter
On the rear side of airfilter box.



On my GC I fitted Elefant handprotectors (with not one but two elefants).

It is not only on Cagiva motorcycles you will find the elefant logo, also on Ducati´s from the ´80s and Moto Morini have some.



Ignition key

On the ignition key.


4 valve duc

On a 4 valve Ducati to show an other example.


Inside frontfender

After 10 years I still find elefants on the bike, this is inside the front fender.

Inside upper frontfender

Another elefants inside upper front fender.

Inside upper frontfender

Inside sidecover.

Elefant hunt

As some of you already knows, the Cagiva logo is an Elefant. It is a well known winter amusement to find the logo in different places on the bike.

I will show some of the Elefants I have found on my Gran Canyon.

Rear footrest
The next most seen elefant is on
the rear food rest.
Air intake

Just below the airfilter on the connection to the injector housing I also found an elefant.

Below front light

Just below the frontlight there is an "airintake".


On the front-rim I found an elefant when I should change the brake disc.

Swingarm right

I also found one on the rear swingarm, just behind the rear brake master.

Rear caliber fixing

When changing chain I discovered an elefant just below the rear caliber.

Rear mud guard

After a good cleaning an elefant emerged on the rear fender.


Another elefant emerged on the speedodrive.


After 18 year i discovered an elefant on the tape.

To be contiued.


  • Jim Nielsen
  • Nattergalevej 4
  • DK-4130 Viby Sj.
  • Rev.:23/10-18